Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy "Nad Lipnem" 
...Twoje miejsce relaksu, blisko Poznania

 Pokoje* Domki * Pole Namiotowe i Karawaningowe* Restauracja * Plaża * Wake Board,  w otulinie Wielkopolskiego Parku Narodowego...

Restaurant "Nad Lipnem"

...Extraordinarily climatic place located close to the Lipno Lake at Steszew is based at the heart of Greater Poland National Park.

     Ours restaurant is a excelent place for a weekend relax and delicious meal away from the city noise. Close contact with the nurture, clear, well cared-for lake and beautiful sands is a great convience which with sure will makes Your stay with us much better.

     Restaurant are dispose of giant room for a 60 people.
Unquestionnable asset are two giant terraces with umbrellas and places to consume a meal.
From this places are stretch out a amazing view at the lake and surrounded forests. 

     To our guests every day we are offering a fresh and tasty polish dishes, made from natural and healthy products.

We are sure they will win Your hearts and palates of every lover of a good and ample meal.
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