O.W."Nad Lipnem" - Camp LIPNO! - Holiday Resort 
                          Harmonia której szukasz, spokój którego potrzebujesz ...

Pokoje* Domki * Camp* Restauracja * Plaża * Wake Board, w otulinie Wielkopolskiego Parku Narodowego.. 

    About us

    Holiday Resort 
    “ Nad Lipnem”

            Our holiday resort is a picturesque place located at the verge of Greater Poland National Park.
    Directly to borders of our holiday resort is located over 100 old year pine-spruce forest.
    Our Center is located just a 20 kilometers from a Poznan towards to Wroclaw.

    The Area of the center is enclosed, floodlight and guarded with direct access to clear Lipno””lake (own lake) this is a perfect place to take a breath of a clear air and relax away from the city life.

    Our Offer
    Guest rooms
    • Bungalows
    • Tent area
    • Caravaning area
    • Guarded parking 100 meters from the beach

    • Beach at the “”Lipno”” Lake
    - sands, with a cold descent to the water, no algaes
    - changing room at the beach, toilets 50 meters from the beach
    - umbrellas and sunbeds available at the Wake City zone
    - Wake Board (two extractors) 

    • Recreation zone
    - playground for the kids
    - Street Workout Place ( for teenagers)
    - Beach volleyball
    - Ping-pong
    - Bulle (Boccia)
    - Chess
    - Trial Bike Zone

    300 meters away
    - outdoor gym
    - Football area (with a fake grass)
    - Tennis court at the Orlik Stadium 

    • Polish Cuisine (Restaurant)
    • Burger- Grill Wake City

    For those of ours guests which are interested in spending a time with us on an active way, we can offer:

    Wake Board - two extractors to waterskis and wakeboard desk ( to make a tricks)
    Campfire ( in a special area)
    Bicycle rally
    Walking trips to the Greater Poland National Park ( adjoined to the camp)
    Angler conquests at the Lipno Lake with cooperation with Polish Fishing Organization at Steszew
    Weekend mushrooming at the September/ October
    Street Workout place 
    Outdoor gym

    Boleslawa Chrobrego Street 81
    62-060 Steszew

    0048 690 090 070

    E-mail : 

     52.2836300°N, 16.7248100°E
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